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Latest From E!Online

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Melissa: Hearing there might be a wedding or two in the series finale of Gossip Girl! What can you tell us?
Well, we can say that if there is indeed a wedding in finale, it looks to be some kind of unexpected twist. In the first eight episodes, no one looks even remotely close to marriage.


605 Monstrous Ball Synopsis

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THE TRUTH — After Eleanor (guest star Margaret Colin) gives Blair (Leighton Meester) an ultimatum, Blair is even more determined to remedy Waldorf Designs’ problems by making a splash with a dress at the upcoming Cotillion, but a shocking revelation at the ball affects everyone. Serena (Blake Lively) becomes worried about Steven’s (guest star Barry Watson) attitude toward her, but after some investigating she discovers the surprising reason why. Chuck (Ed Westwick) finds an unlikely ally as he tries to drive a wedge between Bart (Robert John Burke) and Lily’s (Kelly Rutherford) relationship to help expose his father’s secret. Meanwhile, Dan (Penn Badgley) publishes another article, but the effect is just the opposite of what he was hoping for. Chace Crawford and Matthew Settle also star. Amy Heckerling directed the episode written by Sara Goodman (#605).


Latest TVLine Spoilers

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Question: Can we expect Serena to reconnect with Dan or Nate on Gossip Girl, or is she with this Steve (Barry Watson) guy for the long haul? —Billie
Ausiello: She reunites with Dan, but there’s a twist: Lonely Boy is totally playing her! (He needs material for his book after all.) And regarding Steven, he disappears for a few episodes but returns in Episode 8 — complete with a 7th Heaven joke.


// October 16th, 2012

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// October 15th, 2012

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6.05 – Monstrous Ball

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// 6.05 – Monstrous Ball


Latest from EW

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Gossip Girl’s final season just became SO much more awesome because of Katie Cassidy. But you skimped on the details, Sandra. Let’s get some more info! — Sarah
I pressed the lovely Cassidy for details after our Arrow chat above, but she too was under strict orders to stay mum. But she did share that her role in the final episode is “definitely a little scandalous.” “I think everyone may be surprised,” she says.


603 Dirty Rotten Scandals Promo

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Gossip Girl is going out with a bang. And yep, we’re totally talking about that kind of bang. Booyakasha!

Sources confirm exclusively that a major Gossip Girl hookup is happening in this final season, pretty soon, and it will mark a reunion for one of the show’s biggest core couples of all time. Suffice to say, it’s a moment many of you fans have been waiting for…for a very long time.

So, who is it?

Well, you didn’t think we’re going to outright spoil it all for you, did ya? What would be the fun in that?

But we can tell you that this core-couple reconciliation goes down around the sixth episode, and the couple we are talking about is not of the parental variety. (They started off as high-schoolers on the show.)

Now it’s your turn to sleuth it out in the comments: Which couple seems overdue for a reunion? One that might indeed end up being endgame? Have at it!


601 Gone Maybe Gone Caps

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// 6.01 Gone Maybe Gone


602 High Infidelity Producers Preview

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‘Gossip Girl’ scoop: Katie Cassidy returning for the finale!

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Spotted: Katie Cassidy on the set of Gossip Girl!

The Arrow starlet was recently seen on the New York set of the CW soap, and EW can confirm that Cassidy’s Juliet Sharp will be back for the show’s series finale.

Cassidy was last seen on the show in 2010 during a season that dealt largely with Serena’s boarding school affair with a teacher, who turned out to be Juliet’s brother. The actress is currently back on the CW in the freshman drama Arrow, which debuted Wednesday with a strong 4 million viewers.

So what brings Juliet back to town? That’s a secret we’ll never tell. (Plus, you’ll find out soon enough.)


Series Finale Episode Title

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According to a call sheet, the title of the Gossip Girl series finale will be “New York, I Love You XOXO”



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// October 11th, 2012

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