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Site Update

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So, you’ve probably all been guessing now that the show has ended, what are we going to do with the site. Well the news is slightly sad and slightly happy at the same time.

As for the day to day running of the site, it is time for us to say goodbye to you all! We have enjoyed running this site so much over the past six years and never thought that by the time we had finished the site, we’d have so many loyal followers and over 7.5 million hits! That to me, is just insane. But, in that time, we’ve all grown up, got careers and naturally, it’s time for us to move on with our lives.

We would like to thank each and every one of you that has visited the site, because it’s just made running the site that much more exciting. We have loved chatting with you about the show and spreading the love for the series. We of course have to thank that fantastic cast, crew and creators behind the show, because without that, we wouldn’t really have anything to love this much. It’s been so great seeing the show growing up, just like we have, and it’s been a fantastic 6 seasons!

We’d also like to thank our extended GG friends, from all the other gossip girl and cast fansites, especially Lily at GossipGirlWorld and the fantastic girls of Talking Gossip After Dark, who never fail to make me laugh! We’ll miss your podcast so much!

But don’t despair! While we won’t be updating the site anymore, it’s not going anywhere. Our fantastic host Fan-Sites.Org are archiving us! That’s right, so instead of a Gossip Girl Fansite, we will now be a Gossip Girl Archive! So just imagine, in 2 years time, you catch a repeat of Gossip Girl and wonder, what was the music in that episode BAM! head on over to the YKYLM Archive! So, over the next few weeks, you might see a couple of changes in the layout of the site, so we hope you like them.

Thank You so much everyone! It’s been a pleasure (most of the time lol!).


YKYLM.Org Team

PS: Don’t forget to celebrate Gossip Girl Day on January 26th!

8 Responses to “Site Update”

  1. YKLMFAN Says:

    Oh ! Good and sad news ! I was just hoping the goodbye of the site to be after the last season DVD cover realease !

  2. GossipGirlxoxo Says:

    You could give us your source to get that incredible amazing UHQ pictures that you put tags. Maybe the pictures without tag would be great!
    Thanks for giving us an amazing website for Gossip Girl all these years.
    xoxo – Andrea

  3. admin Says:

    Thank you! I know, but we are all so busy, it would be better to go out on a high! I think the cover is on Amazon.Com actually.

  4. admin Says:

    Thank you Andrea, we have loved nearly every minute of it!

  5. YKYLMFAN Says:

    Thank you for your answer ! After weeks the cocer is finally on amazon ! You did go on a high ! Xoxo cya for the GG reboot in 5 years ;P

  6. admin Says:

    lol, your probably not half wrong!

  7. Kelsey Says:

    Is there still going to be a Gossip Girl Awards this year?

  8. admin Says:

    Hi Kelsey! As much as I would love to run the awards again, because of my work hours now, I don’t have the time, which is really sad! Saying that though, Chuck and Blair pretty much win everything anyway lol