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Site Update

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So, you’ve probably all been guessing now that the show has ended, what are we going to do with the site. Well the news is slightly sad and slightly happy at the same time.

As for the day to day running of the site, it is time for us to say goodbye to you all! We have enjoyed running this site so much over the past six years and never thought that by the time we had finished the site, we’d have so many loyal followers and over 7.5 million hits! That to me, is just insane. But, in that time, we’ve all grown up, got careers and naturally, it’s time for us to move on with our lives.

We would like to thank each and every one of you that has visited the site, because it’s just made running the site that much more exciting. We have loved chatting with you about the show and spreading the love for the series. We of course have to thank that fantastic cast, crew and creators behind the show, because without that, we wouldn’t really have anything to love this much. It’s been so great seeing the show growing up, just like we have, and it’s been a fantastic 6 seasons!

We’d also like to thank our extended GG friends, from all the other gossip girl and cast fansites, especially Lily at GossipGirlWorld and the fantastic girls of Talking Gossip After Dark, who never fail to make me laugh! We’ll miss your podcast so much!

But don’t despair! While we won’t be updating the site anymore, it’s not going anywhere. Our fantastic host Fan-Sites.Org are archiving us! That’s right, so instead of a Gossip Girl Fansite, we will now be a Gossip Girl Archive! So just imagine, in 2 years time, you catch a repeat of Gossip Girl and wonder, what was the music in that episode BAM! head on over to the YKYLM Archive! So, over the next few weeks, you might see a couple of changes in the layout of the site, so we hope you like them.

Thank You so much everyone! It’s been a pleasure (most of the time lol!).


YKYLM.Org Team

PS: Don’t forget to celebrate Gossip Girl Day on January 26th!


Poll Results!!!

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So, the other day we asked you if you would like Gossip Girl to be revealed in the final season and who you thought is was. Well, here are the results.

First off, would you like Gossip Girl to be revealed. The majority of you (455 votes/66.52%) voted for Yes, you would like Gossip Girl to be revealed. 102 (14.91%) said no, they wouldn’t like it to be revealed, while 99 (14.47%) said they weren’t sure and 28 (4.09%) said they weren’t bothered. I personally voted for yes, but I’m 50:50 really. I think it would be cool if they did, but having said that, if they didn’t I could understand why. Because they shows not about who she is, as much as what she does and represents.

Second, who do you think Gossip Girl is. A surprising number of people voted for Others (339/50.75%), so if you did, let us know in the comments, who you think it is. 155 (23.2%) aimed your vote at Dorota, which is a good shout, as as the Waldorf maid, she’s probably seen a lot! Coming in third is Dan Humphrey with 65 (9.73%) of the votes. While I can understand where people are coming from on this, I can’t see it being Dan personally. 42 (6.29%) voted in favour of bad girl Georgina, 22 (3.29%) voted Blair, 18 (2.69%) chose Nate and 15 (2.25%) chose Serena. Coming up last was Chuck Bass, with only 12 (1.8%) of the votes!

Let us know what you think of the results in the comments!


Just a quick update

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Hey everyone,

Just to let you know I have decided to stop the Newsletter, as it was taking too long to prepare and the readership wasn’t that big, but you still get all the updates on the site.

Also, this weekend, if anything is posted late, we are sorry, we are all a bit busy.



Summer Fashion Book 2012 Online

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The Summer Fashion Book is now online. This month, we have a great feature on the Summer Fashion, some great hairstyles for you to recreate at home, as well as a look at the guest character looks and all the regular articles. Make sure to take a look, by clicking above or in the icon on the sidebar.

Note: Make sure to refresh your browser, if you still see the old version.


Here is you top 5 and winner in the Ultimate Gossip Girl Episode contest!

1 107 Victor Victorla
2 225 The Goodbye Gossip Girl
3 513 G.G.
4 201 Summer, Kind Of Wonderful
5 524 The Return Of The Ring

Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest and our lovely prize sponser! We hope you all enjoyed it. I have contacted the winner of the ring, so Jenny, check your inbox lol!


Twitter Hour on now!

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Come on over to twitter now, where we are announcing the winner of our Ultimate Gossip Girl Episode contest, as well as who won the fab Double Happiness Blake Ring!


“The Ultimate Gossip Girl Episode” Twitter Hour

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Thank you to everyone who has entered our contest/poll “The Ultimate Gossip Girl Episode”. It has been lots of fun and I am currently finding it truly amazing that I know the ultimate episode and no one else knows lol! However, I will be announcing the winner, runner ups and the winner of the “blake” ring, on a special twitter hour (It seem odd to call it evening, because it wouldn’t be that long lol!).

In our twitter hour, not only will I be making the announcements, we are going to have some trivia fun, where I’m gonna ask you some of the ultimate gossip girl questions (one not being “who is gossip girl” cause even I don’t know that lol!). If, and that is a big if, if I can find some, there might be prizes for that also.

I hope you can join in, because it’s always lots of fun!

The Ultimate Gossip Girl Episode Twitter Hour
Where: Twitter (@ykylmorg)
When: Monday July 23rd @ 6PM onwards (GMT)

NB: Just if you are wondering, prize winners I am sending them next week, when I am off work!


Contest Closed!

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Thank you to everyone who entered our Ultimate Gossip Girl Episode. We have now got your ultimate episode and will be announcing the top 5 order and the winner of the Double Happiness contest live on twitter. So stay tuned for more on when that will be!


“The Ultimate Gossip Girl Episode” Round 3 Top 5

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Welcome to the final round in our “The Ultimate Gossip Girl Episode” Contest. I have been really looking forward to this round because we really do have a fantastic prize for this round!!! I am extremely jealous of whoever wins this!

Thank you to the lovely Stephanie at DoubleHappiness Jewelry, we have the beautiful Double Happiness’s Cara Ring in Botswana Agate to giveaway that Blake wore in the episode “5.21 – Despicable B”. Not only is it the same ring but it the actual ring that Blake herself wore in the episode. We are very lucky to be able to give this away as a prize and I thank Alisa from DaisyMae PR for all her help!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

NB: Congratulations to Marine for winning our Planet Claire round! I have contacted you!


“The Ultimate Gossip Girl Episode” Round 2

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Welcome to Round 2 in the voting for “The Ultimate Gossip Girl Episode”. After polling 5 seasons, we have finally got our top 25. But first, here are the winners of the first 5 contest (we have emailed you, so please check your inboxes!):

Round 1 Season 1: Lia.S
Round 1 Season 2: Grace.O
Round 1 Season 3: Leila.S
Round 1 Season 4: Prescillia.B
Round 1 Season 5: Pauline

While most episodes did get votes, according to our polls, 211 The Magnificent Archibalds and 505 The Fasting And The Furious are officially the least liked episodes, as they both recieved 0 votes. We will hopefully be putting up a voting breakdown, so you can see how all the seasons did.

So now it’s up to you to choose our final 5. Unlike last time, this time you may only select 1 episode! It’s going to be tough! This Round, we have a brand new prize from the lovely Claire at PlanetClaire.Org. You can win a Constance Necklace Circle Charm and Constance Jr. Jersey T-Shirt.

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Round 1 Season 5

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Welcome to Round 1 Season 5 of the voting in “The Ultimate Gossip Girl Episode” Contest. This round, we are polling Season 5 and this time, you can win a Birdcage iPhone 4 mobile phone case, thanks to Flora22.com.

Season 5 started off in two different place. Serena was in LA, making waves in the movie biz, while Nate and Chuck ship ashore, with Nate snagging himself an older lady and Chuck seemingly trying one disastrous activity after another, not realising the consequences. Meanwhile, in New York, Dan is worrying about the release of inside, while Blair has her own issues to deal with, including an unexpected baby! This season was up and down, with Blair trying to choose between 3 different guys, Serena going from one thing to the next, with a complete u-turn to the original days. Dan trying to win the heart of the woman he loves and ultimately ending up alone and a bit bitter, while Lily and Rufus fall apart completely, thanks to a returning Bass, who also plays a part in Chuck’s downfall from the Empire. Not only that, we got two Charlies for the price of one and the 100th Episode!

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Round 1 Season 4

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Welcome to Round 1 Season 4 of the voting in “The Ultimate Gossip Girl Episode” Contest. This round, we are polling Season 4 and we have a brand new prize up for grabs! This time, you can win a Birdcage iPhone 4 mobile phone case, thanks to Flora22.com.

Season 4 started off outside the states for the first time, with the shoe heading to Paris. While Blair and Serena were trying to have a summer without guys, Chuck was off hiding his identity from the woman who saved his life and Dan was playing fatherhood with Milo. Never a dull moment, Blair finally got her Prince in Louis and by the end of the season, with Chuck’s blessing, was ready to get married. Serena found a calling in LA and jetted off for a different Summer. Dan decides to have a quiet Summer with his family, but sneaky Vanessa has other plans and sell Dan’s story “Inside”, while Nate and Chuck go off on a male bounding holiday!

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Happy 5th Birthday to YKYLM.Org

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Today is a very special day, because we are celebrating 5 years online! 5 Years ago to day, we started the site with the aim of providing you with the latest in Gossip Girl news! Little did we know that we would still be doing that 5 years down the line.

First, I’d like to thanks my fab co-admins. Steffi has been here since the very start, so she pretty much is entitled to half the site now lol! Nelli came along a bit later, but is so fab at keeping the site running, she’s now part of the YouKnow family!

As for our network of supporters, first I would like to thank Fan-Sites.Org for not only rescuing us during the end of Season 2, but for being a great host since then, considering our site takes up a butt load of room! I’d like to thank the girls over at Talking Gossip After Dark, for always making me laugh, providing great insight and being a great supporter of the site. I’d also like to thank Lily at GossipGirlWorld, as it’s nice that two GG fansites can help each other out! Also thank you to all the people who email me with the latest news, things to do with the show and providing the site with the opportunities to give back to the people who visit it.

We couldn’t obviously do this with the fab show to begin with. The site would personally like to congratulate the show, the cast and the entire crew for giving us a reason to make this site and for giving us a show we still love to watch. We are all really sad that the show is ending, even though it was inevitable it was never going to run for the 20 years we would have loved it to lol! We are still a big supporter of all the cast, so hopefully the site can evolve.

Finally, thank you to the amazing people that visit our site everyday! I know there are some people who visit all the time and some who are just getting into us, but whoever visits, we are genuinely grateful! I know from chatting to people on Twitter that you are all such lovely people and it’s nice to know how much you appreciate what we do! on our last birthday we had just gone over the 6 million mark, so to the 1.3 million people who have visited us in the last year, we love you all. Thank you so much!

Please enjoy a piece of cake today! I know I will!

Katy, Steffi & Nelli xoxo


Round 1 Season 3 Voting

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Welcome to Round 1 Season 3 Voting. This vote, you will be polling your three favourite episodes from Season 3. Season 3 started with Chuck and Blair in some sort of happy bliss, Serena with a new found celebrity status and a new boyfriend in Carter Baizen, Nate dating hist family rival in Bree Buckley and Dan now firmly a part of the UES. Across the course of the Season, we see our College freshman juggling their new environment, Chuck trying to deal with his family demons, everyone dating everyone else and finally, the reappearance of Mr VWD. We also get to see Dorota getting married and having a baby, and we bid a semi-final farewell to Jenny. The season ends with Chuck in a bad way, after getting shot!

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Round 1 Season 2

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It is the last day to enter Season 2 Voting. So either click here or scroll down to cast your votes for your favourite season 2 episodes.

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