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Site Update

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So, you’ve probably all been guessing now that the show has ended, what are we going to do with the site. Well the news is slightly sad and slightly happy at the same time.

As for the day to day running of the site, it is time for us to say goodbye to you all! We have enjoyed running this site so much over the past six years and never thought that by the time we had finished the site, we’d have so many loyal followers and over 7.5 million hits! That to me, is just insane. But, in that time, we’ve all grown up, got careers and naturally, it’s time for us to move on with our lives.

We would like to thank each and every one of you that has visited the site, because it’s just made running the site that much more exciting. We have loved chatting with you about the show and spreading the love for the series. We of course have to thank that fantastic cast, crew and creators behind the show, because without that, we wouldn’t really have anything to love this much. It’s been so great seeing the show growing up, just like we have, and it’s been a fantastic 6 seasons!

We’d also like to thank our extended GG friends, from all the other gossip girl and cast fansites, especially Lily at GossipGirlWorld and the fantastic girls of Talking Gossip After Dark, who never fail to make me laugh! We’ll miss your podcast so much!

But don’t despair! While we won’t be updating the site anymore, it’s not going anywhere. Our fantastic host Fan-Sites.Org are archiving us! That’s right, so instead of a Gossip Girl Fansite, we will now be a Gossip Girl Archive! So just imagine, in 2 years time, you catch a repeat of Gossip Girl and wonder, what was the music in that episode BAM! head on over to the YKYLM Archive! So, over the next few weeks, you might see a couple of changes in the layout of the site, so we hope you like them.

Thank You so much everyone! It’s been a pleasure (most of the time lol!).


YKYLM.Org Team

PS: Don’t forget to celebrate Gossip Girl Day on January 26th!



Chuck and Blair were “always” endgame.

Dan was almost (accidentally) revealed as Gossip Girl in the very first episode.

Jack and Georgina totally would have been a thing if the scheduling worked out.

And Jenny Humphrey’s supercool job in the future was revealed—but you may have missed it!

We just got off the phone with executive producer Stephanie Savage to ask our lingering questions about last night’s series finale of Gossip Girl. So if you are a fan, we highly recommend you read the following Q&A, which also reveals why Lily didn’t end up with Rufus, and where Vanessa is now…

Read More @ eonline.com:


aaaaaand….It’s a wrap!

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What did you think? Was it all worth it?

The finale aired and here are some of the revelations and twists,

…Read More


Who Is Gossip Girl? E!online Scoop

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Who is Gossip Girl? Will Dan and Serena get together? Will Chuck and Blair get married and have tons of beautiful and conniving babies together? And can returning guest star Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) still open her eyelids after so many years of heavy eye-makeup layering?

These are the burning questions that will be answered tonight as the CW’s first-ever hit, Gossip Girl, signs off after six “OMG”-worthy seasons.

To celebrate (and prepare!), we chatted with executive producer Stephanie Savage about what fans can expect from tonight’s final two-hour episode. And here are five things you need to know:

Read More at eonline.com


Season Finale Reminder!

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Don’t forget that tomorrow is a very special day in the GG Calendar, as after six years, six seasons, and 121 episodes, we finally get the reveal of just who exactly is the elusive Gossip Girl! I have my prediction written down on a post it next to my laptop, so I’ll let you all know on Tuesday if I guessed correctly (I doubt it!).

US fans can join in the special GG evening on the CW from 8pm ET with a special show celebrating the past 6 years, followed by that all important final episode “New York, I Love You XOXO” written by the shows creator Stephanie Savage and directed by the pilot director Mark Piznarski. Canadian viewer can tune in to Much Music from 8E/5P for the special, followed by the episode.


More Series Finale Clips + Previews

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Head on over to eonline.com where they have a very special preview picture from the series finale!



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// 6.09 – The Revengers


More Spoiler Clips for 610

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Head on over to eonline.com for another clip!


Sneak Peak 610

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new Blake event

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// December 12th – 12-12-12 the Concert for Sandy Relief at Madison Square Garden


Series Finale Spoilers

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Question: Can it really be happening? Is Gossip Girl really coming to an end? Since I know it is, can you let me in on some series finale secrets — especially regarding the flash-forward? —John
Ausiello: Three future couplings will surprise you. Two won’t.

Question: Do you have one last Gossip Girl scoop for me? — Kayla
Ausiello: There’s a twist in the final 15 minutes that I dare say will prove more polarizing than the incendiary Dan-Blair-Chuck triangle.

source: TVLine



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Sorry for the over excited headline! I haven’t actually seen 609 yet, but judging by next weeks promo, I think I’m going to be very excited by the episode!


Blake and Ryan candids

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// December 5th – Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds catch a flight out of Charles de Gaulle airport


The Revengers Producers Preview

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Caps, Caps, Caps

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// 6.08 It’s Really Complicated

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